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SAT Shaft/Coupling Alignment Trainer

Calibrated Parallel and angular misalignment easily introduced Learn to align when shafts are locked or have limited rotation. Learn to align when a shaft can float axially. Learn to recognize and correct soft and sprung foot conditions Examine effects of coupling on alignment problems. Portable, robust, and comprehensive alignment trainer.

Misalignment is probably the most common cause of machinery malfunction. A poorly aligned machine can cost a factory 20% to 30% in machine down time, replacement parts, inventory, and energy consumption. The payback from aligning machinery to extend the operating life and optimize process conditions is very large.

At first glance it seems that aligning two mating shafts should be a simple process. In the real world, however, there are many complicating factors. For example, either one or both shafts may be locked or have limited rotation. One or both shafts may float axially. The machine may have a soft or sprung foot at one or more locations along with a soft and/or warped baseplate. The alignment positions may become bolt bound. Keeping in mind that acceptable final alignment is typically less than 2 mils, maintenance professionals often find it very challenging to attain proper alignments.

Use the SAT to learn how to recognize and validate the rules of good alignment without the limitations inherent in a factory environment.

Accushim's Shaft Alignment Trainer (SAT) is the most comprehensive device on the market for shaft alignment training. It is designed for studying a wide variety of problems that can arise when two shafts are misaligned. It is a hands-on trainer for maintenance professionals. It is a realistic simulator with a 1.5" diameter shaft that fits standard couplings.

The SAT incorporates two fully adjustable units. Machined jack bolts and jack screws insure stable and repeatable adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal axes.

Shaft Alignment Trainer Features/Benefits

The SAT system is robust, portable, and simple to use. It weighs 45 lbs. and fits on a bench-top. It is easy to transport from one place to another. The device has ample space to mount dial indicators and laser heads for alignment training. Precision Accushims installed under both modules can be used to simulate soft and sprung foot conditions.

The SAT provides a wide range of benefits in developing an understanding of alignment problems:

  • Learn misalignment in both horizontal and vertical planes, both angular and parallel.
    • Practice and learn different methods of shaft alignment using dial indicators or lasers.
      • Recognize and correct soft foot conditions at one through three feet.
        • Practice alignment procedure when one or both shafts are locked and cannot rotate.
          • Practice alignment when one or both shafts have limited rotation.
            • Practice alignment when the machine is bolt bound.
              • Recognize and correct sprung foot conditions, from one to four feet.
                • Practice alignment with axial shaft float and rotational friction.
                  • Learn to install different types of couplings and their effects on alignment procedures.


                    2 Adjustable Modules: 4 Machined vertical & horizontal jack screws. 8 Precision Accushims, operations manual with shaft alignment guidelines, 1.25" solid stainless steel shafts.

                    Shaft Diameter: 1.5"
                    Indicator Clearance Space: 8" x 12"
                    Packaged Dimensions: 25"L x 14"W x 14"H

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