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About Us

Accushim, Inc., located in Lyons, a suburb of Chicago, was founded in 1984. We manufacture and distribute the Accushim line of pre-cut slotted stainless steel shims used for shaft alignment (seven sizes, fifteen thicknesses), as well as the complete line of REACT brand shaft alignment equipment, the SHAFT HOG LASER shaft alignment system, Belt Hog LASER pulley alignment tool, the "Side Align" Horizontal Move Tool and the SAT Shaft/Coupling alignment trainer.

We carry shim stock in 6" and 12" wide rolls in stainless steel, mild steel and brass. Accushim, Inc. has one of the largest inventories of pre-cut shims in the Nation. Most orders are filled/shipped the same day. In addition, we have the capabilities to work with you on custom shims in stainless steel, brass and mild steel.